On the Road Again …

Hello stampin’ Friends ~

Today is the day (finally) that I head out to Shreveport, LA for our Stampin’ Up! OnStage event. I’m so excited … I also get bonding time with my daughter.  She signed up as a demonstrator and now we are heading out together!

No flying out this time … we are taking our time and exploring our great country on the way down. I’m on the road again!!  This photo is from an escape this January, when Eileen and I retreated to Door County for our annual planning event where we work on upcoming events and our Spring Retreat.

I love this road … you usually see photos of it in a frenzy of fall colors, so of course … I had to catch this snowy view! We shouldn’t be seeing any snow on our trip this time, however …

Another photo while we were out and about around Baileys Harbor … I love taking pictures of unique things. I was hoping to find an ice covered Lighthouse but so such luck. It had been a pretty cloudy day but then …

We got a blast of sunshine, so I had to get another shot.  Little did I know at the time I took the photo that there was such a beautiful display of color.  My favorite … the little heart in the center of the photo. It just warms my heart!

So … I’ll be sharing pics from my Roadtrip to Shreveport when we return. Thank you for spending your time with me today as I reflected on my last escape.

Have a warm and wonderful day ~

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