A Perfect Gift …

Hello Stampin’ Friends,

Today I want to share with you a great way to share the fun of stamping with others.  I love being able to share the fun of stamping with others either in a class or by sending a card!

Stamping is a gift you can share as well, in the form of our new pre-paid Paper Pumpkin Subscriptions!  You  can get them for yourself or you can “gift” them.  How exciting would it be for your friend or family member to open the mail box and find a box of creativity!


This is the perfect gift for someone just starting out too … why, because everything, including instructions are all in the kit.  The only thing they will need is some adhesive.

Great for College kids … they don’t have the room for all their crafting supplies, but this comes ready to create!     (Quote: Students are beginning to stress about projects, papers and tests, but taking 15 minutes to let loose your creativity, could help you do better to think and stay relaxed during these stressful times.)

Great for Mom … Fun cards & projects they can do with the kids without all the muss and fuss – just open the pretty orange box and begin!  Or this could be her little escape for a 1/2 hour to unwind and create!

Did you know that crafting is in the Top 10 Stress Releivers … it also helps with anxiety, depression, and can even help lower blood presser!

What about a Baby Shower gift?  She may already have all she needs for baby, but this will give her the perfect escape without having to bring out all her supplies!

Gift for teacher …. Why not, we have a 3-month subscription you could gift her during her time off to say Thank You!

Click on any of the options above and begin your gifting now.  I’m sure you can think of more people who deserve such an awesome gift!

I have a gift for you when you purchase a pre-paid subscription.   I also can link you to My Paper Pumpkin Pinterest Board so you can view more samples from current and upcoming Paper Pumpkin projects!

It makes a great gift for someone … or for yourself!  We all need to escape and relax … it’s good for our health!

Here is this months Paper Pumpkin Kit … I will be sharing more ideas on what else you can create with this kit after my Paper Pumpkin Party!

Thank you for stopping in today.

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