Stampin’ Kits at your door …

Hello Stampin’ Friends,

How many of you know what “Paper Pumpkin” is?  OK, a few of you … well, for those of you who don’t know, it is simply a stampin’ kit that comes delivered to you each month.  How sweet is that!

I will be sharing with you what to expect, what your first kit looks like, and some of the past kits that have been sent to those of us who are subscribers (it’s like subscribing to a magazine, but you get to make cool stuff … and you can unsubscribe at any time).

Here is how your “Paper Pumpkin” arrives … packaged nicely in this bright orange box.


Yes, it really does say “You’re moments away from your escape … Now you know why “I” love these, I’m all about the Stampin’ Escape!

Now open it …. Ooooooooooh the suspense!


YEAH!! … this is the kit you will get when you first sign up.  It is our starter kit, named that because it comes with the clear block you will use for future kits.


The kit comes with everything seen here …


All you really need is your favorite adhesive and a few minutes.  The directions (in color) are included in each Paper Pumpkin.

Here is a sample of what I did with one of the cards inside … I decided to play around a bit, just to show you that you can change it up, if you want to.  Yes, you can embellish them more … and it’s fun!

jan-paper pumpkin embellished

I changed to position of my card from portrait, to landscape.  Then I added one of our doilies and some pearls.  I think it’s so cute.

Here are some of the other kits that I have done …


This cut little message board works great … in fact, I’ve been thinking about taking it to work with me.  I need one place to right down our supplies, instead of a pile of loose notes!


The idea of sweet little book is to put snap shots and notes in for your everyday life … not over whelming for those who never scrap booked.  But when I saw the “Top 10” flag, I knew I was going to put in my top 10 – my grandchildren!  So look out kids, next sleep over – the camera will be out.  Besides … I can’t wait to use the rest of those cute little wooden people – LOL!

I love getting these kits every month, a fun project to do with my granddaughters (sometimes my grandsons)  It’s a great way to spend time with family or a friend … just get together.

If getting a package of a fabulous stampin’ kit each month wasn’t enough …. Stampin’ Up! will be adding a FREE set of the 2012-14 In-color Markers with your kit when you sign up before February 10th!!


AND if I get 10 NEW subscribers … I will send “ALL” my Paper Pumpkin subscribers a stack of matching cardstock! Yes, that includes my current subscribers, so tell your friends to sign up too.

You must subscribe through me (Linda Schnabel) and I must have 10 or more for ALL of you to receive the added coordinating cardstock.  We can do it!!

I just think they are so much fun to do …


Contact me if you have any questions.  I’m here to help.

Thanks so much for taking time today to check out my blog and this awesome special.

blog closing-small

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