Hooray It’s Your Day Project Kit

Hello Stampin’ Friends,

Yesterday I saw the cutest projects made with the ” Hooray It’s Your Day Project Kit ” on the Stampin’ Up! Get Inspired blog so I have decided to share the post from Brandi B. with you!
Set of cards

I am absolutely IN LOVE with the twenty cards I created that day, and I can’t believe the value this kit includes: wood and metal embellishments, twine, washi tape, tons of pre-cut embellishments, exclusive stencils, specialty card folds, custom envelopes cut from Stampin’ Up! cardstock, and more.

I mostly made the cards the way the kit showed me (why mess with perfection?) but I made a few alterations. The kit includes stencils for a spritzing technique, but I wanted to skip the drying time. So I just used a Stampin’ Sponge (item # 101610) instead of the included Stampin’ Spritzers.

card 1

The sunburst template from the kit made such a nice, vibrant background for my balloon card. The Multipurpose Liquid Glue (item # 110755) worked perfectly for the little wooden embellishments. It was clean and easy to apply, and my stars are “stuck” quite permanently.

card 2

This card has a fun file folder style. I glued my file folder shut on the edges, which meant I had to trim my insert a little smaller to fit. You could try closing the sides of the folder shut with washi tape. I love that this kit includes some blingy pieces like the quote bubble. They add so much dimension.

card 3

This matchbook-style card uses the scallop mask that is included with the kit. These masks are fun to use and make easy, pretty backgrounds. I love how each piece of this kit—every quote bubble, every balloon, all the accessories—are included. It let me make perfect, fancy, embellished cards completely on the go. In fact, the rhinestones in the centers of these flowers are the only embellishment I added to these cards. (Maybe a record for me!)

card 4
This card features a glossy print, which resists ink when you sponge (or spritz) it. The two-tone background looks so vibrant! And since this card features a built-in gift card holder

(and self-adhesive numbers are included), I thought about who I could give a birthday gift card to.  I decided to put the ages of my older nieces and nephews on front. I had one left, so I included my sister (who will be turning 34 this year).

I love this card kit, and I know you will, too! Whether you follow the instructions or get creative with it, you’ll be amazed with the fun folds and great value it has to offer. Order one today—this is a limited time offer, only available in the occasions catalog!

Happy Stampin’! Brandi B. / Curriculum Developer & Trainer

I hope you enjoyed Brandi’s cute projects and post as much as I did. You can always follow the Get Inspired Blog by Stampin’ Up! ,,, just click here to view.

Have an awesome day ~

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Don’t forget the FREE Shipping (Only 2 day’s left) … and I’ll pay your tax!





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