Weekly Deals ….

Hello Stampin’ Friends ~

Today I’d like to share the Weekly Deals and an announcement with you …

Stampin’ Up! has sold out of the Washi Label Punch (item 138296) and will not be getting any more in stock; this item will remain not orderable. They will refund any backorders received for this item.  


Last Tuesday I let you know that our Weekly Deals will be going away and a new form of promotion will be coming – however, not on a weekly basis.

Let me just say … they are leaving with a bang!! These items are incredible, enjoy!

Sale: $13.50

Price: $18.00

Sale: $24.75

Price: $33.00

Sale: $2.25

Price: $3.00

Sale: $3.00

Price: $4.00

Sale: $30.00

Price: $40.00

Sale: $20.25

Price: $27.00

Sale: $23.25

Price: $31.00

Sale: $3.75

Price: $5.00

Sale: $3.00

Price: $4.00

Sale: $20.25

Price: $27.00

Sale: $20.25

Price: $27.00

Sale: $12.00

Price: $16.00

Don’t forget to order your 2014 – 2016 In-Color items … they will be retiring and when that list comes out they will be GONE … Quickly. NOW is the best time.

1ca36-6a0120a5bac552970c01b7c823514c970b-pi 66e6f-6a0120a5bac552970c01b7c8235149970b-pi f9915-6a0120a5bac552970c01bb08c7d802970d-pi b1b01-6a0120a5bac552970c01b7c8235123970b-pi 77691-6a0120a5bac552970c01b8d1ad8cbc970c-pi

Cardstock and Ink Refills go VERY QUICKLY … usually before the day ends when the retirement list comes out, so don’t wait! I don’t want to see you miss out on the very important refills.

PLEASE let me know if you have any questions concerning the information I have shared with you today. I’m happy to help.

Thank you for stopping by.

I wish you a most wonderful day ~



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