More OnStage = Sneak Peeks

Hello Stampin’ Friends ~

I have a few more pictures from our Stampin’ Up! OnStage event last weekend. Today I’ll give you a glimpse on what it’s like to be in the audience watching the presentations.

Each table was lovingly decorated … don’t know when and how they have time to do this!! They amaze me … and butterflies! My Mom loved butterflies and to walk into a room that is filled with them brought a tear to my eye.

Follow the butterflies across the tables (past the person who photo bombed – lol) … you begin with the purples & pinks, blues, greens, yellows and orange. Now image the entire room filled like this, it was beautiful.  Our eyes work much better than cameras!!  Here is a close up of the table … matching note books to the butterflies!

Now as we get seated and the event begins, we were blessed to have Shelli Gardner (Co-Founder of Stampin’ Up!) as our main presenter … we had many great Stampin’ Up! staff presenting in Milwaukee.  Remember, they are spread out all over the world! Sara … Shelli’s daughter was presenting in Australia!!

My Star’s and I were in the row of  “Yellow Butterflies” …  We were closer to the back which is fine with me, because with all the big screens we don’t miss a thing! The next few pictures will be shots of the new product presentations.

I can not show the catalog or the stamp sets … but we can share samples! They show us so much in the time we are there, your best bet is to bring along your camera and go nuts!  So much information … So much fun!! Hmmm … more butterflies. How did she do that???

The day isn’t all work though … we get lunch, more stamping demonstrations, we get to stamp and use the new products too … Demonstrator Life is Good!  And if that isn’t good enough, we get our cake – and eat it too … or should I say Cupcake!!

Yup … Life was good and if this is a sneak peek to what OnStage Live in Orlando this November is going to be, I think they are going to Rock our stocks off!  Want to join me??? Let’s chat.

I will continue sharing what we saw at OnStage and you’ll see more samples!!  Plus … I think my UPS man will be paying me a visit soon with my pre-order 🙂

Till then I thank you for stopping in to visit me today ~

I hope you have a great weekend!!

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