Sunday: Heading to Rome, Italy …

Hello Stampin’ Friends ~

Today we will arrive in Rome, Italy … pinch me because I can’t breath! Thank you again for helping me to achieve this amazing trip!! We will be heading to the ship from the airport but we have a few hours so I hope we can get a little glimpse before we head out to sea.  I also have  …

A bit of a scare earlier in the day (yesterday) our Milwaukee flight to Chicago was on hold / cancelled because of mechanical problems so they gave us a bus ticket to Chicago so we could catch our flight … 50 minute wait for the bus, and an hour & 15 minutes to get there which means we had a high chance of missing our flight.  So we got our luggage back off the plane, and got an Uber to Chicago … made our flight in plenty of time.

It was an overnight flight but you need to see the beauty in things ….

I find it very hard to sleep on a plane … lol.  Every time I’d doze off someone would kick my chair, slam an overhead compartment closed or talk really loud … really?

I was so excited that we passed over the Swiss Alps … maybe some day I’ll actually get to stand in front to them, but it was fun to see then anyway…..

Finally we arrive in Rome … didn’t get to see the beautiful sight I have here to share but it’s Italy!! And I am over the moon excited!!

We have boarded this “Jewel of the Seas” cruise ship and it’s time to relax!!  I will be back tomorrow with more to share.

Thank you again!!


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