Just in Case …

To CASE (Copy and Share Everything) is something nearly every experienced papercrafter does on a regular basis. You see a card in our catalog, or on Pinterest, focus on something you like about it, then re-create it with your own spin. (Click on the Pinterest above to go to my page)

You can add layers or simplify the project, but the main point is to enjoy being inspired by the work of others. Our minds start working when we study and learn from a project someone else has made.

So pick up the catalog and look through the pages until you find something that really makes you want to pull out all your crafting supplies and start working. Copy the project, then use the following ideas to make it your own:

  1. Copy the Layout
  2. Copy the Color Scheme
  3. Copy the Technique

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you found this post helpful. We all CASE … it helps inspire us, and that is my intention when I share my creations with you each day.

Enjoy the day ~

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