Great new product announcements …

Hello stampin’ friends,

Happy Sunday to you …

I am really excited to share with you the release of the new “Stampin’ Trimmer Rotary Addition and blades”.  You can find them on page 176 and 177 of the Idea book and Catalog or the Holiday catalog – pg. 24.

I watched the demonstration of the rotary additions at convention and new right then and there that I just had to have these … remember that “deckle” scissors we used to have, well the “tiny wave” cutting blade will be just as much fun, and easier!!

I have included the Stampin’ Up! training video for you to watch.  You’ll not only hear about the new rotary additions, but a few reasons why the new trimmer is a must have tool for your stampin’ and scrappin’ collection.

I have included the order numbers along with the descriptions.  To make your ordering easier … you can click on the order number in the table below to order these items or CLICK HERE to go to the Stampin’ Trimmer page of my on-line store.


Stampin’ Trimmer Rotary Addition / $12.95
* Includes rotary track and handle and a straight-edge blade

129408 Straight Stampin’ Trimmer Rotary Cutting Blades / $5.95
129409 Tiny Wave Stampin’ Trimmer Rotary Cutting Blade / $3.95
129410 Small Scallop Stampin’ Trimmer Rotary Cutting Blade / $3.95
131375 Stampin’ Trimmer Replacement Cutting Mat / $3.95

Perforating Stampin’ Trimmer Rotary Cutting Blade / $3.95

Yesterday I posted the adorable “Halloween Banner”… today I am sharing the Stampin’ Up! video showing you how you can make the banner.  It includes great tips (like the Silicone pad) for hot gluing your project.  I love the Silicone pad – I use it when I’m adhering thin strips of cardstock or ribbon to my projects, it keeps the “snail” off my workstation.

I have included the order numbers for the banner to make your ordering easier.  FYI … they also have a Christmas banner!


Build a Banner Simply Created Kit / $19.95
132698 Halloween Banner Simply Created Accessory Kit / $9.95
132699  Banner Simply Created (Refill) Kit / $9.95

To view both kits and the accessory kits … CLICK HERE and it will take you directly to the page.  Thank you.

I hope you enjoyed today’s video tutorials and new product release.  There’s so much more to show you … keep coming back, I have more for you.

Have a great day!

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