Tree Advent Calendar

Hello Stampin’ Friends ~

Sorry I’m a bit late today, I spent some time with my grandson AJ yesterday who turned 17! Wow, they grow up fast. On the other hand, I also spent time with my youngest granddaughter Lori … she’s just 4 months. It was a busy day!

While checking out the “Get Inspired” blog by Stampin’ Up! I ran across the cutest project for Christmas. It was created by Allison Okamitsu 2014–2015 Artisan Design Team. I just had to share this one with you ….

Tree Advent Calendar

Christmas will be here before you know it, my friends, and what better way to celebrate the days leading up to it than an advent calendar?!


Tiny Treat Boxes (item #135829) make an adorable advent tree. I’ve covered each of the boxes with patterns from the Home for Christmas Designer Series Paper (item #139592)—what fabulous nostalgic designs it has! And the Hello December 2015 Project Life Accessory Pack (item #139654) has some great stickers numbered 1–25 for each box lid. The boxes are the perfect size to hold a treat, love note, or coupon for each day of December until Christmas day.


You’ll want to assemble your tree in layers, with seven boxes on the bottom layer, followed by layers of six, five, four, three, and one. The box on the very top of the tree isn’t meant to be opened, but it sure looks lovely as a topper. Using hot glue, I also adhered a double bow with long, whimsical tails using two yards of Mossy Meadow 5/8″ Striped Cotton Ribbon (item #138419).


Whether you’re counting down until Christmas with little children at home, grown children at university, or your spouse, this Tree Advent Calendar will be a lovely addition to your holiday (or dorm room) décor!

Allison Okamitsu  2014–2015 Artisan Design Team

Don’t you think that is the most adorable? What a fun project to make with your kids!

Thank you for stopping by today, I’ll be back tomorrow with fun Halloween card!

Have a wonderful day ~


9 thoughts on “Tree Advent Calendar

    • Hi Carol ~
      The tree was actually created by Allison Okamitsu 2014–2015 Artisan Design Team. It looks like she used an empty ribbon roll … quite genius I think! Hope this helps. I e-mailed you with a few more details. Have a good day 🙂 Linda

      • Love this. I understand you didn’t make this, but hoping you can answer my 1 question. Wondering how the layers were created so that the boxes stuck to one another. Is there a separate piece of paper or chipboard or something they are attached to, or are they simply attached at the back corners of each box. Love this and want to make 1 for my home. TFS this wonderfully decorative tree.

      • Hi Michelle ~
        Allison did not mention using anything between the layers so I think you are correct in assuming the boxes are just attached to each other. I am going to make on too and will post that to my website … would love to see what you come up with too! Hope that helped. Linda

  1. I’m trying to make one of these using my box punch board, but it’s a little bit lopsided. Wishing there was a better way to stack them so the tree turns out straight. I did cut out tagboard circles to use between the layers of boxes, but it’s still lopsided. Any advice?

    • Hi Dawn,
      I wonder if creasing the edged more might help … but once made, I think putting something a little heavier inside may help settle it down. I have not made mine yet (waiting for boxes) but all of the questions will make me think more while creating … so thank you! Let me know if that helps. I am surprised to hear that the chipboard didn’t help .. hmmm.

    • You can order them right from my Stampin’ Up! website …

      Tiny Treat Boxes – (item #1358290
      Home for Christmas Designer Series Paper (item #139592)
      And the Hello December 2015 Project Life Accessory Pack (item #139654) has some great stickers numbered 1–25 for each box lid.

      Please let me know if you need any help placing your order

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